Saturday, August 27, 2011

Battle for Penn Cove

Let me tell you about the Battle for Penn Cove. In 1845 two adventuress Salty Dogs known as Cpt Whidbey & Cpt Jack had a shootout that lasted 2 days.
The 2 ships - on the R Cpt Jack and L Cpt Whdbey. It started one foggy morning.
Cpt Jack had the lighter smaller but quicker ship.
Cpt Whidbey could not maneuver as well as Cpt Jack but had a very strong hull.
How the heck did those sailboats get in this pic?
Cpt Jack got off the first cannon shot BOOM.
Cpt Whidbey fired back BOOM BOOM.
OK what the heck is going on - I am PG and need to start nesting soon.
Jack fires a long shot - Looks like he is on target. No he missed.
Cpt whidbey is sailing towards Cpt Jack to ram him.
Another cannon BLAST from Cpt Jack. But Cpt Whidbey keeps advancing.
Looks like Cpt Whidbey is going to ram the small ship.
What is this - both ships are sailing into the sunset - maybe that should be sailing off into the RAIN. Peace - the Battle is over and that is why we have Penn Cove Mussels today. THE END :)

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Elizabeth Ann said...

I love, love, LOVE this!!! Good job!